Colin Reilly
Colin Reilly
Colin Reilly


Baylor University

Colin received a BA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, graduating in 1994. During his undergrad, he was a member of the Student Foundation, Student Government, and Phi Delta Theta.

Colin Reilly


Townsend Kane

In 2009, Colin and his brother created Townsend Kane, a real estate investment firm in Tucson, Arizona. As President, Colin and his team assess real estate situations of southern Arizona citizens, find the best solutions to help them avoid foreclosure, and assist them to work through this solution. Colin’s compassion for every client’s unique situation is a major contributor to Townsend Kane’s success.

Drive Electric 

Colin Reilly started Drive electric, a company that sold street legal golf carts or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). In 2009, the stimulus package that President Bush passed after the recession included tax credits for electric vehicles. Recognizing the opportunity, Colin and Drive electric began working with a manufacturer named Zone Electric Car, to redesign and re-engineer a new NEV that would qualify for the credit. The Tax Credit covered $6,500 and the new “Zone Spark” sold for $6,500. In 45 days the company sold over 10,000 vehicles across the country and revenues of $75 million.

We Buy Ugly Houses

In 2003, Colin took a chance and purchased a “We Buy Ugly Houses franchise. By 2008, Colin’s success had earned him recognition as the number 1 franchisee among 300 offices, effectively launching his career into real estate.

Southwestern Company

During the early 90s, while Colin was completing his undergraduate degree, he worked as a door-to-door salesman selling books. In this position, Colin was recognized as a top salesman and recruiter among 3,500 other students.

Colin Reilly
Colin Reilly

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