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Tucson's Colin Reilly Outlines 5 Ways Technology Can Maximize the Value of Your Home

TUCSON, Arizona – In the age of technology, a house with “smart” features, such as lighting and locks, is an important piece of criteria for home buyers. These technological details are not only aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, they often have the added benefit of being better for the environment.


Profiled: Colin Reilly | Tucson| Featured in Business Matters Magazine

TUCSON, Arizona – Colin Reilly is a real estate industry veteran in the Tucson area, and president of Townsend Kane. He sat down with Business Matters Magazine and offered advice on a variety of subjects.

Colin Reilly Appearance on CNN for Drive Electric | 2009

MANHATTAN, New York – Colin Reilly (Tucson, Arizona) makes an appearance on CNN in 2009 with Randi Kaye to promote ‘Drive Electric’, a company he started that sold street legal golf carts, or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs).

Colin Reilly
Colin Reilly
Colin Reilly
IdeaMensch Interview

Colin shares insight into the hard work and perseverance behind every successful entrepreneur’s career, and offers advice for others interested in a career in Real Estate.

Restoration of Historic Tucson Building

Colin announces the restoration project of The Rubi, a home built in 1903 that is now Tucson’s premier wedding and event venue.

Inspirery Interview

Interested in learning about the career of a successful Real Estate Investor? Colin discusses his major career moves that led him to success, and discusses what the future has for his business.

Colin Reilly
Colin Reilly
Medium Blog

From rental properties to wage increases, Colin shares his thoughts in monthly Medium posts.

Stone & Ivy Restoration

The Sone & Ivy is a historic building in Tucson, Arizona. Built in 1940, the building will now serve as an event venue, accomodating 500+ guests.

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