Colin Reilly is the President of Townsend Kane, an investment firm dedicated to providing innovative real estate solutions.

Colin Reilly

Colin Reilly worked with “We Buy Ugly Houses” as a franchisee in 2003.

Colin Reilly: Real Estate Market Expertise

Colin Reilly weathered the collapse of the real estate market in 2008 and persevered. As a result, he has a keen sense of the frailties of the industry and works tirelessly with his clients to achieve the best possible results.

Most days, you can find Colin Reilly working alongside his talented team at Townsend Kane to help individuals of every walk of life successfully navigate the possibility of foreclosure. Colin is known for his sophisticated knowledge of the real estate market, and for his ability to offer fair and effective solutions.

Colin loves to share his experience in and passion for the real estate market with others and strives to inspire them to find their own passions.

Background & History

Colin Reilly

Colin Reilly was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, and is the youngest of four children. He graduated from Baylor University in 1994 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. While completing his undergraduate degree, Colin sold books door to door with Southwestern Company, where he was recognized as a top salesman and recruiter among 3,500 other students. He is married to his college sweetheart, Sacha. They have four beautiful children.

Colin attributes his strong work ethic and business success to his parents, who worked in the healthcare industry as a surgeon and a nurse. He considers himself fortunate to work alongside his father, who sits on the Board of Directors of Townsend Kane, and his brother, Rob Reilly, CEO of Townsend Kane.

Colin Reilly believes that a well-executed plan made up of clear and measurable goals is key to business success. He has a keen ability to hone in on the aspects of the business which are most beneficial and have the biggest impact. He understands that building a strong foundation is essential no matter the industry you find yourself in.

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